Touching Death's Door

A healing to mend successfully,
By one who has done this alone...
With this condoned unable to prevent,
Changes one's mental attitude...
Towards others who perceive,
They should be invited to give consent.

But with a renewed and freshened outlook,
One accepts that can not be ignored...
That may offend those not to intend,
What had been prioritized...
Prior to an illness that began,
And before one's foot came close...
To touching death's door,
Is often misunderstood...
By those who have yet had this opportunity,
To know this change to explain it.

'Something is different about you.
It is as if you are someone else.'

~I am the same person not to be anyone else.
A living to experience life to appreciate it,
Has us living to value it in different ways.
To make some experiences unexpected,
Much more effective than others.
With some changes to make,
Permanently staying to not go away.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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