Tough. Prepared And Ready

Fear to face.
Can possibly be taught.
And sought to combat it.
From videos selected.
To determine which ones purchased.
Best attacks those fears to eliminate.

But nothing can test better,
Than fear to experience it.
Face to face.
And making attempts,
To steady shaking legs.
Faking bravery.
Hopefully before,
The presence of fear overwhelms.
And one has been found to have fainted.
Laying stiff on the ground.
Or on someone's floor.

Once fear to have known.
Is shown again.
One tough. Prepared and ready.
Expected to run away frightened.
Any fear appearing,
Either becomes ignored or chased.

"Boo! "

Boo who?
I ain't your damn boo.
Get out of my way.
I've got endeavors to pursue and do.
Fear disappear.
I'm not afraid of you.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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