Tough. Rough And Raw

The truth is tough.
Rough and raw.
Leaving many left to feel,
Disgusted by its reality.
And yet,
When truth is diluted...
To include myths sweetened,
By images presented...
That represent nonexistent,
Portrayals created...
These mental manipulations,
Become delusions to remain...
A way of life defended.
And remains worshipped.
With a doing that stays,
Hypnotically praised.

'And the winner is...
Envelop please!
There seems to be a tie.
Between ideals kept fantasized
Believe it or not,
The marketing of decadence.
Long denied.'

Tough. Rough and raw.
The truth continues to lose,
Against pretensions defended.
And those who choose,
Their lives to live kept...
Demoralized and taking,
A nose dive.
As truth to seek it realized,
Has for many become...
Too suspicious to welcome,
Its presence to permit...
The existence of it allowed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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