YV (2/3/92 / Puerto Rico)

Tough Times

Clearin out ma head,
Hopin dat ma days get brighter up ahead,
Not hopin for tomorrow,
It turns out such a dread,
Thinkin bout the moments,
Sometimes I really shouldn't regret,
But other times,
I think it's wat got me where I'm at,
And I'll stop to tell maself,
Imma big girl,
Keepin up ma head,
No one's gon' bring me down,
Drop'em first instead,
Tough times more rough times,
I felt ma heart had bled,
Learnin to care for no other,
Just call me inconsiderate,
I'm gonna do wat I do,
I tried to give out love,
But I guess it wasn't enuff,
not sufficient,
And now my heart is hurt,
It darkened,
Anything I do is cruel,
Call me rotten,
But imma be ma own person,
I'm independent,
The soul I had inside died,
And it's still not important! ! !

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