DG (2/27/94 / mexico)

Tough To Be A Teenager

its tough to be a teenager. no one really knows.
what the pressure is like in school.
this is how it goes.

I wake up every morning,
and stare into this face,
I wanna be good lookin,
but I feel like a disgrace.

My mom. well she just keeps saying,
I gotta make the grade,
while both my parents, sem to love me,
it slowly seems to fade.

It seems like ev'ryone I knowis trying to be cool.
Everytime I try,
makes me look like a fool.

I'vet thought about taking drugs,
I really don't want you to know.
But I just don't fit in,
and its starting to show.

Maybe if I made the team,
ill stand out in the crowd.
If they could see how hard I try,
I know they'll be proud.

Sometimes I get so low
that I just crash in,
my problems aren't so bad,
if I think of how's life been.

its tough to be a teenager,
sometimes life isn't fair.
I wish I had somewhere to go to,
and someone to care.

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