Tower Of Science

Chains wrap around the pulleys
Boxes are shot out from the walls
Conveyor belts dislike us for the most part
Electrical lasers blast statically
Blasting in more than 1 pattern
They're trying to play mind games with us

As we go through the Tower of Science
Machines are tracking us
Waiting for us to make the wrong move
Across the platforms we jump nimbly and lightly
And all the mysterious creations and experiments
Their faces show agony and pain
We gather our courage
We regain our balance
Even though we're inside
We continue on through the night

Riding up on the platforms
Boxes and other weapons are scattered about
Some hit the wall and explode

Gazing at the exit
You take my hand
And we run towards it
Ah, the memories we'll never forget
As we leave behind the Tower of Science

by Justin Gildow

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