Tower Personalities

Frank is in his tower, at Pennsylvania now
Clear reports are his forte; to him we give a bow.
Roseberg on his west, Kentucky on the right,
Keeping a weather eye on things, to prevent a firefight.

Burraga is calling, it’s Sandra on the line,
Wind and weather, clouds about, and everything’s just fine.
Though I have never met her, all I can really say, she’s done a very careful job, keeping fires at bay.

Now Sunny Corner is a funny place, Anne is in control,
It sounds really nice but, down the roads the goal.
Cold, all covered in mist, Dark Corner’s alter ego,
Anne does her best to make sure, a fire just a no go.

Shooter’s Hill a windswept tower, Black Springs centre point’
The kind of place on a winter’s day makes you smoke a joint.
Alanna’s there and doing fine, as happy as can be,
Making sure it’s clear about, and nothing to hurt a tree.

Canobolas, that lofty perch, Ivan’s here to give a shout,
The wind does blow he’s sure to find, a fire that lurks about.
Many towers are close by to give, a rather splendid view.
To keep alert, Ivan walks about, and chewing gum does chew.

by Ivan Pine

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