Town Of Abyss

No one can be seen frowning.
When touring to visit.
The town of Abyss.
As they look around mindless.
Enjoying the darkness.
Without a hint of light found.
Well below ground in Abyss.

Delight they do.
Upon viewing the space,
In this darkened place.
And prepared to declare ownership.
Of Abyss to roam freely.
Condoning it their final home.

It is their Abyss wished.
With no light to exist.
And for them they are thrilled.
Together sharing.
Thoughtlessness. Centered self righteousness.
To perceive what they have discovered,
Will remain beneficial to their isolated ignorance.
And those who may threaten,
With envy and jealousy.
The town of Abyss.
And its darkness found to love,
Protects effectively.
Without need to defend it.
Or their independent existence.
Strengthened and fed on delusions.
And a future to exclude,
All association with enlightenment.
Something for them,
Had been too painful to accept and face.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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