Toxic And Abusive Relationships

Very few consciously choose,
To enter into toxic and abusive relationships.
And if the few who do this can be excused,
As empathy seeking victims and with the getting of it...
Why have many committed themselves consciously,
To stay and complain about their mistreatment...
Done by someone no one hears from their point of view,
To defend themselves from those accusations made...
Or the reasons why,
Another who has accused them with complaints,
Made to others of what was done to do...
Yet remains in the same environment without leaving.
But when it is done it is done to do to complain,
And not done to do to make a dramatic and effective change.

'Why did you leave that 'situation'? '

~I got tired of hearing from others,
What it was I wasn't doing or did to not do.~

'And what about your mate? Your ex-mate? '

~Well 'hopefully' they will meet someone,
They can not lie on to victimize with abuse accustations.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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