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Toxic Grey Day

It was an acrid day that came calling...
Arriving with a graven tempest of that day
Unveiling a forlorn existence
A lunacy - bent on having it's way.

It was a caustic breeze that entered...
A mercurical spoiled hurricane of yesterday...
Bent upon dividing us forever
Hence - an estrangement - with no words left to say.

It was a hostile afternoon - rearing it's ugly head
And a violent Tsunami that visited that day...
Slicing apart - what once was a family unit
Angry - trying to wreck us in yet another way.

It was a vitriolic day finally leaving
It's track of heavy leaden metal behind on this day
While smiling at itself from the deeds done...
So cocksure - it's convoluted actions will at last have its way.

By, Theodora Onken

April 4,2016

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Thank you you said - this write of mine could really be about many things. Like your take on a drunken uncle...however, that is not my subject matter. It is truly about the enviroment and all of the toxins everywhere...about the chem trails, the nuclear of the Pacific Ocean, the oil tinged gulf, the use of Montsanto's Roundup for our GMO'ed corn, other chem companies like Dupont, about the politicians who give speeches backing the beast Montsanto - like Hillary Clinton who could give a crap about our health- as she quietly feeds her family organic, about the travesty in Flint, MI, about the fracking going on all over and causing multiple earthquakes - and oil leaking into some states water's about the air-and the aluminum and other nasty metals filling our atmosphere - bringing on epidemic Alzheimer's Disease.It's about the organophosphates in pesticides and insecticides- that also bring on many dementia's while doing grave harm to our important organs -like our liver and's about Donald Rumsfelt - who was quoted as saying: i don't care how many people aspartame kills, i want it's use passed...this was during George Bush Sr.'s presidency...i could go on, but i wont. Thank you for reading and commenting.
I like ambiguity in a poem. This poem could be a metaphor for an unwelcome relative, like a drunken uncle, coming for a visit.
A wonderful piece of writing which can be read both metaphorically or quite literally. It is a shame the poisons we've spewed into and out of our Mother Earth. She is weeping. Eventually, if we cannot drastically change our ways, she will send us the wayside, and restore her natural state