EM (January 23,1990 / )

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier
Blood rushed through your ears, drowning all sound
heart beat racing, heavy trigger slammed down
your whole body shaking in furious rage
at this man who so totally altered your fate
so many emotions churning in venomous twists
gnawing your wounds into boiling cysts
a silent village ripped apart with mechanical screams
bullets in the air, blood haunting your dreams
Prisoners, held hostage in life and in death
innocent souls he chose to drag into his hell
You want it all to stop you know this isn’t who you are
but no one ever told you who you’d become during war
a boy, ripped of innocence, no longer brash and naïve
they give you a gun and tell you not to cry when you bleed
but I stand here beside you, I do not beg you not to go
I do not judge your transgressions, I cannot judge what I don’t know
I am merely here to listen, to love that little boy inside
playing toy soldier before war opened his eyes

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i really like this poem i feel as tho there is a secret message behind it DXU