The Hobby Horse
Stands idle.
The blocks
Are gathering dust.
Teddy Bears are
No longer do
They fuss.
It seems their
Is over.
It's not
I swear.
For I still
Play with them,
When no one is
Around to care.
With my head
Lain back,
And my eyes closed,
You may think I'm
Sleeping, but I'm
Not you know.
The blocks
Still build castles,
With towers to the sky.
The Hobby Horse
Still rocks,
Carrying cowboys and
Heroes on the fly.
The Teddy Bears
Still prowl
In the stillness
Of the night.
So please,
Don't put them away.
The children have
Not all moved on
'Cause when you see
Me napping,
The toys are still
Alive and strong.

by L. Casey Jr.

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