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Traces Of Faces

Be a pumpkin
Be a dumplin’
Can’t help being a baby
Later comes the maybe

Be a daughter
Be a son
Look to the horizon
And rise with the sun

Be a girl
Be a boy
Give it a whirl
You could become a pearl

Be a brother
Be a sister
You can only be either
But it takes one other

Be a man
Be a woman
Always be human
Walk with another in the sand

Be a husband
Be a wife
Share your life
Hand in hand

Be a mother
Be a father
Open the shutters,
Windows and doors

Be a Grandpa
Be a Grandma
What you saw
Were winters, springs,
Summers and falls.

Be a friend
Be a neighbor
Be a partner
To another

Traces of faces and
Helping Hands
In all the
Right Places

- June 28,2006

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