Traces Of Perpetuation

Yesterday in the dreams,
I saw a tree weeping at its best.
Asked the cause of screams-
The axe did all the rest.

Its xylem and phloem were splitting,
it was shivering with cold.
But the being was going on cutting-
Thinking for the family and the gold.

The branches were involuntary,
the leaves just kissing the earth.
The tree had marked the centenary,
and now it needed a new birth.

All at once,
the gloomy clouds came in the sky.
The chopper firm at its stance-
ignored the messenger's spy.

The place did warm,
with the tree's demise.
Human did nothing but harm-
to the nature's oxygenating device.

And along all these,
the glaciers have learnt to melt.
Struggle for the environmental peace-
and approach for conservation, everybody has felt.

Don't we see the floods?
Don't we see the landslides?
Don't we see the temperature rise?
Don't we see the fate of the future?

And if we desire sustainability,
if we want the ocean to remain calm.
The thing we have to seek is-
perpetuation in every palm.

by Bed Prakash Bhatta

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