DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Tracing Teachers Footsteps

My life is sailing down behind the sun
Waiting for me the prince to come,
But first I must fight through fire and rain
To restore and strengthen my soul again

But the question which still remains;
How did I get here what have I done
When will my dreams and favour arrive?
For I can see no return looking through my lonely eyes

But bending light shines again, like a shooting beam
It shows the way, and that’s when I realize that’s where I need to look
With my tired lonely eyes, watching seedlings rise, with the sonnet of ancient lullabies.

Still I struggle to find the words to say, where I find them
How can I teach them when the words play out upon a stage?
Lyrically unabsorbed but completely unrestrained, within this moment
I again realize I've done what I need to, they looked my way they followed my eyes
My footprints are in the sand tracing toward the sun,

For me the prince is coming home
I’ve done all I could I’ve done all I can,
When I’m not with them I'm still by there side
And forever they knows this, as they have seen my eyes

My life now regained and rising from behind the sun
Waiting for me the prince to come once again,
I’m home, alone perhaps but I left them my eyes
And through them you shall see that lifes alive
There’s a path of footsteps left behind me, for those who wish to be worthy for the paradise my life hides behind the sun,

I see there numbers swell grow, tracing teachers footsteps my heart begins to overflow, spirit upon spirit now share my throne

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