Tracked Or Not

There's nothing like the feeling of being tracked.
And those doing it are not in camouflage.
This they want known.
Your back is being watched and this they want shown.

There's nothing more remembered than the acts of disrespect.
The kind that is delivered with a laughing one gets.
And as difficult as it is,
To continue one's life with a head up and positive...
This has to be done,
As if scriptured and quoted from biblical myth!

Those who are challenged are done so above and beyond,
All feeling and emotion felt...
By the ones who enjoy being antagonists.
Some are born just to appreciate being just that...
Grief givers.

Tracked or not...
One's duty is to avoid becoming subdued,
By those who wish to make what they do obvious...
As to stop any forward advancement.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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