Traded Souls

Traded souls.
Of a growing social media.
Inflicting upon them,
Subliminal hypnotic animosity.
With an ease that leaves,
Minds controlled...

Traded souls,
Sold to buy into false beliefs.
And choosing themselves chosen,
To be picked,
As part of a movement...
To do as they wish.
Only to be deceived,
By their own divisions...
Of self serving importance,
To create.

Divisions to convince,
Those of a selected demographic
To trade their souls to worship
And successfully sever,
From God; their Creator.
With a choice to choose,
The spreading of havoc.
And emboldened disturbances.
Just to manifest unrest.
Disconnecting any feelings left
Associated with faith, hope...
And humanity.
To disregard these qualities,
As meaningless.
And less significant ways,
To live their mindless...
Empty and thoughtless lives.

Traded souls.
Believing themselves exceptions
To do as they please.
Only to be deceived.
And ultimately defeated.
By their own self hatred.
And divisions of this,
They've created to perpetrate.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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