Tell Them Anything To Believe!

Tell them anything to believe!
That kept policy of philosophy,
Remains as the chief cohesive reason...
Why too many can not accept,
A life they perceived to be denied...
Of an integrity wished from others.
With a wanting of it from them to get.
But learn they have been duped by lies.

Tell them anything to believe!
And those who have done this,
Today have their regrets to express.
If people are led to discover,
They no longer should and can respect...
What is there left to protect or expect,
From those giving their best but find themselves...
Totally disregarded and taken for granted to neglect.

And those who have chosen to tell folks anything,
But what is correct...
Eventually find they are without a purpose.
Since nothing which is meant to convince to be heard...
Becomes regarded as worthless and a waste of words.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Humanity! ! Traditions. Living on earth. Thanks for your comment on my poem. Stay blessed always.
Following tradition of humanity and walking in righteous way is very nice. An interesting sharing is done here.10