Traeh Sdrawkcab Eht Fo Rorrim

.luos eht otnu derehda dna dehsealnu selunarg dnas fo sdnasuoht ynam fi sa niarb eht ot dehctatta segassem fo syaw eht tnuoc eno seod woH

by Michael Gale Click to read full poem

Comments (11)

interestingly put, life something is read best backs, at times.
To read this I had to slow way down and so the thought in here really sank down inside the shifting ground of my mind's ocean..(smile)
YEP. took some time to read that! HAHAHA! Creative, but i still hate you. lol. kidding..10!
I think it is cool what you didi.
You never fail to interest me, Michael.10 for originality. Love, Fran xx
.luaP, sreehC.noitseuQ tnellecxE ruoy ot rewsnA eht wonk t'nod I oht neve enim dedda ev'I os ger ton did net erocs s'assilaJ
I know this is backwards, But genius!
Would a soul be set free by count the grains of infinity? It would be constance
sAND CASTles in THE MIND r u'r inA WAY?
divaD evoL,3 lous r'U teS
It gave me a headache but its deep. I gave it a 10