Traeth Coch

Poem By Esra Sloblock

As timeless tide predictably scours
I walk and watch, content for hours
In urgent wind and minor showers
I remain in awe of natural powers

Rapid colours traverse the sky
Occasionally allowing the sun to pry
Sentinel gulls patrol on high
Then dive for morsels which they spy

To chance upon a rock or shell
With a compelling tale to tell
Forged and fused in a fiery hell
Or home of creature made of gel

Not satisfied with ersatz scene
I need it wild yet serene
If you don't know what I mean
You should see where I've been.

Comments about Traeth Coch

This is excellent karma boy, love it. What's Ersatz? I never heard that before I have a tradition of not looking up words I discover in other poets poems I would rather hear it from them we all can teach one another! :) Séamus
'Wild yet serene' - I think I know exactly what you mean...Justine :)

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