Tragedy Of Love

Broken hearted inside,
A black hole inside of you,
No longer beating out red blood of love,
Filled with black tar over your heart,

For that’s how she left you,
You beat yourself up thinking it’s your fault,
You’re disgusted with yourself,

You sit on the floor of the bedroom screaming and crying,
You hold the bead of the knife at your chest,
You’re wanting, wishing, hoping that she’ll walk in and save you,

But it’s to late you already did it,
You’re gone now,

Only been in this world for sixteen years,
Barley learning what love is,
No one was around to teach you how to cope,
Not knowing how to move on,
Now a permanent solution for a temporary problem,

For those now gone,
Your memories will forever and always go on….

by Cody Sky

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