Sonnet On An 'untold Love Chain'

Eight and half months he waited, still a month too early it seems;
For her, it was just the perfect, both event and place it feels;

For him, that evening was cloudy, a crimson sky covers the gloom;
For her, a sun-tanned noon tiring, melting roads, half dried bloom;

He has the tarai of the Himalayas, here sun n clouds plays in whimsy;
She has her land of splashing rocks, here froth n salt juggles in symphony;

Twenty years passed like a flashing, he grows strong n curvy in sun n rain;
A painter must have sleepless nights, her beauty is now an irresistible frame;

That evening there were stars bright, when both grasp tight in untamed desire;
No trues can weave a truth better, when both cuddles to define Love n fire;

An unfriendly crowd sucks in both, all shuffles to form an order of game;
The shadow forms the padlock chain, dragged by neck, both in untold shame;

Give them both a vanquished name! all shouted n hooted together as if to claim;
Aphrodite weeps in vain! No! none to refrain! Be Love only a blood game!

by Indranil Bit

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