Tragedy So Deep

One shattered body
One simple life draining wound
Take a war full of tiny incidents
and great campaigns
One is to a million is to ten million
Vile executions
Mutilation rendering explosions
Futility of reason against martial force
Lives switched off by random buttons
Blind passion amok
Sing lusty songs of glory,
transmute them to miserable dirges
Tragedy so deep
A universe of hurt beyond knowledgeable pain
Take all the blood and body parts,
the broken hearts and destroyed souls
and throw them into a vat
Drench with survivors’ tears
Stir all into mortal concrete
and erect an obelisk
that marks each dropp of lost happiness
each missing progeny
each destroyed bit of brilliant promise
All the good snuffed out
Molecules all
Forming a monument to the colossal folly
of our deadly species

by Duane Robert Pierson

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