LC (11/25/1962 / Chicago, Illinois)


Listen as you hear.
Voices in my head.
Looking up to see the leaves shaking in the wind.
Tear drops fading as they run down my face.
Knees trembling as i fear the pain in my heart.
Windows broken by kids running.
Flowers dying as fall nears.
What is it that makes me wonder so much about life?
Can it be the danger that may hurt my soul?
The taste of death that makes everyone wonder what waits for all of us?
No it cannot be all of that.
I believe it is the fear of never knowing the truth.
Yes i believe it is that.
Tragic as it may seem, we all know that in life is it the unknown that attracts us.
So go and live your lives and remember, it is not the unknown but the known that is tragic.

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