AR (3-2-1945 / California)


Isn’t it tragic?
I thought I had the magic
To make you reappear
Right in front of my mirror
Isn’t it sad?
You’re the best thing I ever had
Now I’m hiding in fear
That our time is not here
Isn‘t it sorry?
Everything seemed so starry
Then everything went from great to worse
And I don’t have the remedy for this curse
I know life is a merry-go-round
Sometimes up, sometimes down
But I’m so sick and tired
Of everything getting cross wired
Isn’t it funny?
I had a rainbow even though it’s sunny
And it’s raining in my heart
When my heaven fell apart
Isn’t it weird?
Of all the things I feared
Losing you was not on my list
The sweetest lips I ever kissed
But now here I am
Tears about to burst a dam
Psyche fragile as a new born lamb
Isn’t it tragic?
When you don’t have the magic

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wow......yes it is........beautiful....10! !