Tragic Happiness

Tears in flames...
drown in the heart of a lover.

Sacred notes shredded through eyes of despair.
Alone on a night of tragedy in dreams of great peril.

The mirror reflects that of a killer.
Yet tis an angel hidden under a veil of shadows.

Rage stampede's through the heart,
a head on collision.
Twisted words flow in the air,
poisoning the blood.

Heart saddened, unbearable,
in dire need of a pill to offset the scale.

Stray into a world of mass proportion of lovers.
Awake into a liquid oozing pool of depression.

Old and decrepit letters rearrange themselves into a suicidal catastrophe.

The razor fights willingly
the will to fight is lost.

Her kiss, her touch, the warmth...
frozen in time.

by Raymond Finnegan

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