*~tragically Mistaken~

You say
you want to know
about their pain.
You say
you wish you had
some warning.
You feel bad
that you didn't
have a sign.
Do you?

If they cry for help
before they have done
the destruction...
do you wipe their tears
or do you laugh at them
and say they are just
seeking attention?

Warning signs?
They're all around us.
Do we really
want to see them
or do we just want
to say we wish
we would've seen them.

It's easy
to say we would've
done something.
It's much harder
to actually do something.

Are you
a silent observer
or are you
an active listener?

If you think
it doesn't matter...
you're tragically mistaken.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (4)

Dear Mary, The art of active listening is precisely that, an art. And one that is not taught in schools, sad to say. This poem is a well expressed and timely reminder to all of us and I salute for it. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mary...this tragedy has shaken me...your message is timely and well framed...all around us are people giving out emotional signals...to be perceptive and compassionate enough to do something about it, going out of the way...this is what we should all cultivate...we care but dont act on time...hope in my lifetime i will reach out to one such person and be of some help...love...nalini
Completely true and compassionate, Mary!
Words that ring with truth.Well written Mary.