AH (08-10-1984 / Australia)

Trails Of Love

A tortured soul
With no place to go
A heart so full of love
A world so dark
No one knows the torment
That I bear
My spirit almost dead
My life seems so obsolete
Never would I have thought
It would come to this
Love so pure and real
Yet not trusted
The feeling of disbelief
Harder to bear than anything
The dreams of death
Yet still I wake
Still with nothing
Love can concur all
Is this true?
Can the heart fix itself?
After so many breaks
Can it take the strain?
Of hiding all the pain
Can it heal?
Through the mistrust and doubts
Can no one see?
A heart so pure
A love so real
The pain in my head
Like a knife
Carving into my brain
I beg for death
To release me from this
Or for love to prevail
For this heart is fragile
And this mind weak
How long will it last
Seems so bleak
I pray to all the gods
Let this love be seen
And let it bring the truth

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