Train's Window

I sit silently and gaze out the window of this slow-moving train
I catch my breath, as my eyes land upon the angry, Indian Ocean

Memories bring storms rushing towns, wicked winds stealing homes
Children swallowed in your churning, for you can muster no mercy

My mind recalls trees weeping for death, as relentless rains fell
Washing away precious life and love, as the earth was transformed

Destruction and devastation surrounds both you and me, dear ocean
No peace nor safety exists to bring the welcome site of a sailing ship

History books hide the truth of your fury toward the people of this land
For your cruel waves have claimed many lives under this now blue sky

Through the train's window, I see the Hell caused by your anger
But, alas, I see also your vast, endless gift and timeless beauty

by Kathup Tsering

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And peace you did find in this poem: -)
What a wonderful word painting of the ocean in all of its terrible beauty! You are an excellent poet. Kind regards, Sandra