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Train To Anywhere

Walking down that dark, winding path
I heard a train echoing in the night
and curious, I stopped and waited
for nothing this hour had ever passed by
as the ground began to softly shake
I stopped and waited for its gleaming light

For nothing had ever passed this way
in all the walks I had taken before
and wondering of its destination,
my curiosity growing ever more
just as the sound of something approaching
my will this night slowly encroaching

The rumbling sound became a roaring
the world around me turning, swirling
and then I saw that gleaming light
voices whispering in my mind
forgetting who and what I am
thinking of where I could go

I suddenly race to catch that train
steel wonder take me to distant lands
always wishing upon a star
for anything to carry me away so far
taking, taking, take me away
my soul adrift so soft and sway

Every step becomes harder, harder to take
second guessing life on the other side
The train gets farther, farther away
leaving my life behind wouldn't be right
If I listen I can still hear it
that dream machine drives on in the night

Walking down that dark, winding path
I hear something approaching, calling
but now I don't wonder of its destination
or stop and wait for its gleaming light

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