Trains And A Great Uncle

My little boy loved trains
Spent time watching Thomas the Tank Engine
With a big smile.
The moment he opened the gift
That Christmas
Of a big train set
That was set up quickly before him
That was all he could think of
“Look at it go, Mommy! ”
He said with the biggest smile you ever saw.
And I was sorry
He didn’t want to open any other gifts
After that one,
“What’s a mother to do? ”
Said his Uncle who gave it to him
With the biggest smile you ever saw
As my happy two year old
Took a present from his other Uncle
And just casually dropped it
By his side
Not even the bit interested in what was in the package
While saying, “Choo, Choo, look at it go! ”
And then three years later
At age five
This same Uncle
Took him for his first real train ride
Through the forest
Complete with a train singer
And a train hat
Along with the biggest smiles you ever saw
From me, my son and his
Great Uncle.

by Connie Webb

Comments (2)

Connie, I still sort of have that smile... at least inside. I had 2 pretty great uncles too... one no more. I guess that you never read the manual of parents! The WHAT? - - - exactly! Ans. = the best that she can do! I would like to recommend a movie - at least for you - called ' The Station Agent '. (Probably not enough death and destruction for a teen, though :) B.V.A.
Toot Toot all aboard, nice read dave xxx