Cause of life; Bohemian spirit awoke, I betrayed it.
Left to wither, love lost, spirit lost,
Need, responsibility invaded, I succumb.
Betraying, love, spirit, my self.
Lost in this place of buildings, building.
Cannot see what is there and not seen.
I turned on it, it turned on me, me-the traitor.

It is always been there for me.
I have abandoned it, my self.
It knows me, my nature; 'this is not me'.
The rebel is yelling, I only hear the whisper,
Calling for me to return, to renounce, to 'be'.
'Live 'your' life the enchanted dream within you'.
Those who once turned to me wanton of life, now forsaken,
By me-the traitor.

I turn away, listening to the new master.
The dictator of spirits crushed,
conqueror of the child within. Responsibility.
I swore I would defy,
I held out, longer than most.
Now I collaborate against my self, me- the traitor.

Promising to escape, 'will not stay prisoner for long',
The grip tightens taking my life; I bow.
I breathe deep, holding on to the last,
Exiled citizen of dreams, I will return, conquer my self,
I swear, I will not be the death me in the end.
I will not be me, me- the traitor.

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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