Traitorous Heart

Once upon my younger years
When time disappeared faster than unwanted tears
I laughed all day and cried all night
Until you came within my wandering sight

My broken soul, never truly loved
Thrived from the attention you beloved
You made me laugh, deep inside
And never did you make me cry

Over time, you coaxed me away
From the safety of my very own cave
Into your strong and loving arms
Away from safety and into harm.

Naïve and young, I trusted you
With my heart, with my soul and everything I held true
But you did not love me as I do
And you left me after a month or two.

All this time, I should have known,
Those beautiful princesses who sit on thrones
They didn’t laugh and they didn’t cry
Because they were far too broken deep inside

When I finally thought I could get over you
Your love, your soul and everything you held true
A whisper of wind told me to
Never let my guard fall without a clue

She was right, for the very next day
I saw you at a party, getting laid
My heart bled at the sight
As did my arms that same night

by Lily Chen

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