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JG (6/12/92 / London)


Tossed away and left
crawling through the gutter.
They glance and walk
away, uncaringly.
Alone in a crowd they leave me;
Stopping, staring, sneering,
Looking, watching, leaving.
On through the drains I go,
In hope of some place better.

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although short very good 9
You're poem really touched my fealings about the tsanarmie! You must have good emotion! Jamie
Twas the pigfair last September A day I well remember I was walking up and down in drunken pride When my knees began to flutter And I sank down in the gutter And a pig came up and lay down by my side. As I lay there in the gutter Thinking thoughts I could not utter I thought I heard a passing lady say You can tell the man who boozes By the company that he chooses And with that the pig got up and walked away. -I don't know who wrote it, but it's on an album by the Irish band Boys of the Lough