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Trance, wait a while

Before you replicate yourself,

Mercilessly, I the host voiceless and dumb

Have my own pleas to make

Before you crystalize crush and leave my ectoplasm numb.

My shadows peep into the tunnel;

The eternal warmth of the womb

You couched in gay abandon

Or is that a mere show you before you begin to hiss

My petrified shadows;

Dazed by deja vu,

Breath deep, so does the bitch

couched in her kennel

My shadows know better than me.

Festering figments, profane whims,

Pagan skies, insane whirlwind,

I trapped in the doldrums of time

Peep deep into the abyss

Camouflaged you, fornicating, I shut my eyes.

Dear trance, I loose trust in you,

I disown you

I curse, I shiver and I get blue,

But I dont want to loose you

I Dream holding you dear

Why trance, why do you manipulate me

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Fantastic poem. It speaks of depths of the poet...lovely