The Inner Me

tender by heart
but coarse by action
kind in deed
but to be rude
to protect femininity and chastity
not always in the hall of fame of fortune
but being faithful to conscience
greed and lust untouched
but has pristine of the goodness of soul
nothing in vanity
always virtue to be the divinity
popularity is like a stranger
but purity is the endeavor
to define the inner me!

by v.m.saraswathy munuswamy

Comments (4)

God gave you talent.....very beautiful poem
simply beautiful! Gods gift to you is the wonderful way you write. Love Starr
This poem is really beautiful and it does flow beautifully. It's really well written! Keep up the good work Dustin! :)
This is beautiful, some wonderful imagery, I particularly love the line 'And gliding through sin'.The whole of it flows really well. A lovely poem.