Come & Eat

Intricate is the human mind
Self consciousness of man
We know to seek with hope to find
The essence of life’s plan

Could nature make a heart appear?
A conscious soul decree
Cause man to love give birth to fear
Or build an eye to see

Consider ears, eyes and nose
The thumb upon our hand
Ability to smell a rose
And try to understand

Could randomly these things emerge?
Could wonders just so be?
Could evolution aimlessly splurge?
And birth these things we see

What could fashion from darkness light
A creature needing breath
Creative order must be right
To even bring forth death

Just look and see the wonders formed
Life’s blood and minute vein
Iceberg, snowflake changing when warmed
Can Darwin’s books explain?

There is a Book that brings to Light
All things to clarify
Able to prove, in black and white
The Truth enthroned on high

God’s living Word is free to read
To scrutinise at will
Food on which the mind can feed
And starving souls can fill

by Michael P. Johnson

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