Rising From Ashes Of Heartbreak And Loss

Walking tightropes of rhythmic beats that twist and turn in
min-air like a tightrope walker himself, stretching, reach-
ing within for the intensity of beliefs.

Tones playing with this mind, having fun, enjoying the beat
and tense of tomorrow, stepping sharply onto the likeness
of another purpose resembling what's already held inside.

Taking many reasons and turning them into lyrics to be sung
or written into poetry, totally pleasing to mind and intellect,
lighting up this brain from the inside out.

Achieving moods of life in many other situations and experiences
along the way, finding answers and questions rising from ashes
of heartbreak and loss.

Developing barriers, walls or limitations to protect oneself,
tracing patterns into the future that seem to have been tied
to our pasts.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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