VGC ( / Vancouver, British Columbia)

Trans-Atlantic Flight

Suspended in the heavens spins the giant earth,
horizons stretching to infinity
enshrouded in its shimm'ring marbled sky
the lofty ball bears life, and destiny,

on age-old paths around the reigning sun,
through vast expanse of cosmic space and time.
Oh whither do we go in this fantastic world
of glorious splendour and of realms sublime?

In wonderment my blessed eyes take in
the symphony of firmament afire;
in awe they gaze at glitt'ring galaxies,
forever bound the grandeur to admire

Beneath me rolls a raging em'rald sea,
whipped to white fury by the planet gales;
their howling song sweeps ever round the globe
and makes the mountains shudder with its wails.

The mighty Earth! - Yet but a speck of dust
in the expanse of boundless universe.
A speck of dust! Endowed with precious life
of many forms, and shades of bliss and curse.

Oh how I love my planet paradise!
That nothing it destroy, to God I pray.
Why then, my soul, doest thou not cease to crave
Release, escape from earthly clod and clay.

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