The Calmness Of Waves! !

The sweet smell of air
The calmness of waves
Making me all glown
Water drops crossing the stones
Dropping the calmnes in firm
Sun dawn the impact
As sweet bright romantic night
Boats travelling just
whistling the journey of life
Water drops falling across
As morning dew drops
Wht a piece of heaven on earth
The calmness of waves!

by Somia Race

Comments (3)

Very funny! Freud would have accused him of masturbating, of course!
This really is funny, on it's surface! ! ! But, what roles were you two playing? The friend, the questioner, the answerer? The story is very clear, clever, and down-to-earth, which has the reader following without a hitch. I think it was a joke he was playing on you...the kind of joke only good friends get away with! HA! People...what do you think? xxxElysabeth
Ugh! .............. Love, Fran xx