I'm like a clod of earth which cowers
beneath a threatening sky;
afraid that when the rain comes down
I'll melt away and die.

I need his strength inside of me
a rock that cannot move;
a strength that's anchored in his love
and waits for storms to prove

My mother, Earth, calls me to be
far less than what he said;
to melt into the ground with all
who chose this world instead.

But deep inside of me there cries
a voice which will not die.
It gives me hope that I can stand
and reasons I must try.

The hope to be, the strength to stand,
the joy I know he brings
will turn this fear to tears of life
til rock-hard center's seen.

And when this earth is washed away
in floods I know I know will come.
I'll stand alone and shining still,
a diamond in the Sun.

by Jean Franse

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