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Transformation Of Friendship
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Transformation Of Friendship

Resting in this place,
I explore the landscape of me.
I see a well cut lawn,
I see creativity in bloom.

The hummingbird flies.
The hummingbird’s glistening beauty captured my eye.
I smell the scent of flowers in bloom,
The fragrance of my new day is mine to enjoy.

I see the me that is.
I hold me firm.
Let me see through the brilliance,
This sunshine is my friend.

I see fairness in the storm,
Where I live in place,
That requires no further reassurance,
My place I find, in grounded beauty.

My solace is an open fire,
Where the cold crisp night air,
I place into un-harmful form.
And I can be the humanness of me.

I feel I captured a piece of me today,
When I stilled long enough,
I saw this me that I am.
Where through my insecurities,
I really do fly.

I fly firm,
I fly fast,
I fly in colourful beauty.
I am the dream.
Colourful gold’s with red and, luminescence fuchsia.

(Bolton, UK. Wednesday,10 October 2007)

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