DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Transient Delirium

If im lost then the others in our world are too
If im ugly then they are ugly too
Insulting tirades hit me but what can I do
The sky in my eyes is a different blue

And with no rainbow in my sky, im left
Only to question all the ifs, buts and whys
Whilst im lonely il raise questions to points of view
And decipher why the lies lay hidden within the true

If only we could see what has happened in the vacuum between
You, he, her and I, perhaps then we’d see the truth,
We all think we know where each and every action takes us too,
But yet we remain empty with no one to hold onto

So the rain keeps on falling and my boots keep walking
A path through the mind with eyes left looking through time
Trying to find reasons that comply, to the resonating differences
Of our hearts, that sit forever tearing us apart

I speak too much but know this as I depart
That every single word is a piece of my heart
And maybe I hope one day all of us can play a part in
The reconstruction of human tolerance and trust

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