LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)


A searing pain deep in his chest
And crimson all around,
The once magnificent warrior
Now lies still upon the ground;

A single shaft within his grasp
Has done the awful deed -
A piercing blade has cleft the heart
And left him there to bleed;

With clouding eyes and ragged breath
A chill cuts to the bone,
Although the sun rides high above,
His body turns to stone;

No feeling now but wonder
At the broken man below -
A hollowed-out reflection
Of someone he used to know,

Awareness of a blinding light
Through eyes that cannot see -
A voice so sweetly beckoning,
'Come now my son to me';

A feeling of contentment,
Of serenity and love
Surrounds the mighty warrior
As he lingers high above

The fading once proud body....................
'You must come now, my son -
This battle has been finished,
There are new wars to be won.'

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Comments (4)

That would be composition in case anyone has other ideas! ! xx jim
Reminiscent of Arnold's Sohrab and Rustum, and the Resurrection of course. Very powerful imagery and ideas, and, as always, a highly poetic compostion. Superb. xx jim
The spirit of the warrior may never get to rest? Nice this. Danny.
Very nice, Linda... I like the subject and the flow of your words very much in this poem. I found it to be intriguing. Thanks, dan