Transmigration Of Souls

My mind is crystal clear
With unadulterated desire
For metamorphosis.

I’ve grown weary
With whom I am
As a man
And the paltry history
Of an insignificant existence.

Walking down a busy street,
I’d like to gaze into a shop window
And smile to not recognize my reflection.

The greatest scientific discovery
Will not be eternal youth
But complete transformation
From one soul into another.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (2)

A beautiful poem - despite all, the hope of transfiguration moves me most, as the planet declines into old age. Who knows what star your will orbit in the future?
Uriah, this reader feels your angst but disagrees with your solution. The transformation happens every time you allow the words to flow and create works like this. Then the mirror becomes irrelevant. A beautifully written poem. love, Allie xxxx