! Trapped !

Deep within a cell of my own making,
The door remains unlocked -
I have but to open it;

Refuge from the world outside my door,
From the trappings of my mind -
The choice is mine;

Self-preservation holds me prisoner,
No shackles bind me here -
Yet here I stay;

Outside the world is scarey beautiful,
Safely predictable within -
What could it hurt?

Let me push that boundary just a little,
Fresh and sweet the air -
Through that open door.


by Linda Ori

Comments (11)

shouldnt have opened that door linda...heres a bad bad guy...happens to the best of us very nice lines the beauty lies in the simplicity and the flow a paradox of privacy and desire to rove... great cheers
hey I liked the paradox here... 'Outside the world is scary beautiful'.... but some times i feel it is all bitterness and pain../ nice poetic expressions.liked it..10+++ regards shan
May we all be glad that your talent is not trapped, as it continually flows freely through the door left ajar. As always – wonderful in every way!
Lovely poem Linda, pushing the boundaries everyday, takes courage.
beautyful poem i like this one. its touching and inspiring about the self.
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