CT (14/06/1998 / Vietnam)


I have a wrath; I wrapped it in
Place of my heart; I hid within
A darkness space; I dare not tell
My reckless wrath a mere farewell.

I cherished it; day by day
It grew and live; way by way
My temper rises; and when it falls
Another shriek, another call.

Yet I did not had told my wrath
Sure did retreat from freedom path
Each day I live with vexing tears,
All strengthless gasp and horrid fears.

Till finally the day had come
A good bye to my home sweet home
Still haven’t told but I’m relieved
Because I know I’m not believed.

I hate those looks, peculiar lies
Understand not, don’t try be wise
I rather die out to the world
Then in my foe’s deceitful words.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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