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BM Black Moonlight ( / )


Black despair dripping downwards,
eyes burning with unshed tears.
Sliver glints in the feeble light.
There’s no way out…
An endless abyss opens below me,
reality looses it’s hardened edge.
Shattering glass cuts through the air,
each breath is agony.
My limp body hits hard-packed dirt.
An eternal scream of anguish echoes off the walls.
A white face stares through the gloom.
Her face is scarred, her blonde hair soaked with blood.
Black eyes gaze out from the tattered mop,
unseeing eyes, unfeeling eyes, lifeless eyes.
A crooked smile cracks her face and blood drips down her chin.
Tormented sobs slice the air around me.
A thin beam of light cuts through the heartbreaking misery.
My hazy eyes peer upwards,
uncountable miles above me,
a break in the wall shows the weeping face of a young girl.
She raises a knife.
I scream at her to stop,
my soundless shouts pounding in my ears.
A haunted cry fades into the distance,
the white faced girl cackles manically.
Realization hits.
The girl is me.

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