I can't escape you
wherever i go
you follow
you're part of me
my closest friend
my worst enemy
I hate you
But i can't live without you

I can't escape you
The more i struggle
The harder you grip
And the weaker i become
You control me
You prentend to be the solution
But you're not
You're the problem

I can't escape you
I'm trapped inside my mind
Fighting a losing battle
You've scarred me physically
But the deepest wound
can't be seen
I'm crying red tears

I can't escape you
Wherever i go
You go
You've trapped me
In a web of lies
And i believe you when you say
'There is no you and i-
But only us'

You're nothing without me
But i'm nothing without you
It too late to escape you
You're in control
I can't break free
I try to run away
But i'm running in circles
I'll always come back to you

You've trapped me-
and red tears-
are running down my skin!

by Becky Ginn

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