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Trapped Between Worlds
SB (4-2-94 / it is your buisness? ? ?)

Trapped Between Worlds

This world I once knew
has become a place I cant' reach
it has moved beyond my mind
to spread it's knowledge, to teach

this world was filled with great things
a wonderful place to be
but my mind was kidnapped
it has been since I was three

My mind was thrown into a prison
locked up, with no room to think
It stares out into the little light givin
tempted to go off the brink

It is forced to move like a soldier
these shackles at it's feet
being a slave to one's will
death it goes to meet

The punishments for disobeyment
Is to take the fall
to be buried in a box
hardly dead at all

beaten and tormented
it sits in it's cell
waiting watching
the world turn to hell

as much as it wants
as it fights and quirles
my mind remains trapped
trapped between worlds

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