AD (3/5/1984 / Colorado)

Trapped By Yourself

You lose your grip and everything falls.
The last thought you think and death now calls.
Torn apart by what has been and what may be.
Trap yourself in a place as dark as the sea.

Nearing what may be close to the bitter end,
Wishing you hadn't taken on the latest trend.
Blocking out what you really did wrong.
Begging to hear just one more beautiful song.

Lives you've struck and broken in more than two.
Cascading through your head and are stuck like glue.
Caused by your hatred for your very own self.
Lost and trapped by ugliness, greed and wealth.

Locked in a cage caused by thins done by hand.
Never again able to see free sky or land.
Blistered by what you have caused, your own mind,
The punishment has been brought fourth for your crime.

Sit back in your box, now ther's nothing that can be done.
No more fresh air, no more grass, trees or sun.
You got what you get when you've done what you did.
Trapped yourself by yourself, now doing your bid.

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